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  1. Yesterday
  2. Can you add like the benefits of prestiging?
  3. Last week
  4. When we could use boss heads to well?
  5. Added Protector Boss Spawns every 2 hours Decent drop table Added Bryophyta's staff (i) Requires Bryophyta's staff + Upgrade scroll + Crystal of Power + 3 1B scrolls Hidden bonus - 30% stronger than regular Bryophyta's staff 50% success rate - if failed, you lose Crystal of Power - You may now use Bryophyta's staff on zezima for 1/10 chance at upgrading to Crystal of Power - You may now bring Bryophyta's staff in the wilderness - Bryophyta's staff's damage has been altered in the wilderness - You may now upgrade Super > Ultimate Mystery boxes (1/5 chance) - Added two max hit dummies to Edgeville wilderness
  6. U should at least keep tbow pet tho... Other then that good job lads!
  7. Love the update but RIP pet tbow
  8. oioi, revamp incomin! Lets goooo.
  9. New Client Update - Logo coming soon Added Sacred clay magic armour set Requires Virtus piece + 450-750 Clay + Upgrade scroll to upgrade Halloween Twisted Bow Pet is back! 10% bonus drop rate at OLM Raids! Requires Twisted Bow Pet + Daconia Rock + Twisted Bow + Upgrade Scroll 50% Success rate, if failed you lose all items!!!!!! - New Website ready to go within a few days - Revamped Magic Damage - Revamped Bryophyta's staff - Revamped Sang staff - Removed Magic Damage Cap - Buffed goodie bags - Can now give grey/up/grade/upgrade scrolls + daconia rock - Revamped Treasure island - You can now get up to 3 upgrade/grey/up/grade scrolls + daconia rock - Added Uber Donator Zone - Work in progress - Added Spade to farmers store - You may now use pet desert strykewyrm on wishing well - Slightly nerfed Nex sets damage in wilderness - Fixed 30 prestige icon
  10. Earlier
  11. Nice price guide! I do see that devouts are on the list twice at 1-1.5b and 1-2b. Looks good!
  12. Oooooh thanks for the price guide Matty!
  13. Meant cape yea. But comp is hardest to get and still shit compared others. Other cape gives drop rate and picks arrows...maybe something more.
  14. The cape we really should do this just need vork head + ava’s + 500m or the upgraded ava’s
  15. Make comp cape pick up arrows.
  16. Username/Discord Name: Frozen Age: 24 Timezone: GMT - UK How long have you been a part of Arrav? I would say quite a few months now, started roughly when the server was just released or refurbished. After this recent eco reset i've clocked over 600+ hrs of game time ( mostly skilling, i know how sad haha) Are you active both in-game and on our forums and on Discord? Yes, usually all three. I read discord mainly as it's more active. Why do you want to be part of our Staff team? I've actually been asked a few times to apply and though id puck up the carriage this time. I also seem to be apart of the furniture as many people like to have a quick chat with me about the game 🙂 How would you describe your strengths? Quick witted, Friendly, adaptable and quick learner, problem solver, How would you describe your weaknesses? indecisive, inconsistent, being alone (ha) Please describe any experience in leadership roles you have or had: I currently manage a team of 10 fitters and 4 sales guys, this is successful business even through this sad times of Covid 19. Why should we choose you over another member’s application? As long as the applications have been treated fairly i would be absolutely understand the situation and congratulate the other candidate 😉 In a short paragraph, please explain what you’ll bring to the server with this position and what you hope to achieve: I would say Passion, Ideas and as well helping with bug fixes. I will also be that person that will be on the other end willing to chat any time of day about everything. I also totally understand and agree with not being the best at this game, but hey we all live and learn to understand that this is only a game to chill and have fun. Do you understand that if you break rules, abuse powers, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member, you will be demoted and might have possible further actions taken against you depending on your actions? absolutely, So i do. Kind Regards Frozen (Big Boy)
  17. The Price Guide Donation scroll 10$ - "550m - "750m" 20$ - "1b - "1.5b" 50$ - "3b - "4b" 100$ - "7b - "9b" Raids Olm crystal - "4b - "6b" raids cape 1 - "15b - "25b" raids cape 2 - "na" Ancestral set- "12b - "15b" Justiciar set- "12b - "15b" Halloween set Halloween twisted bow- "9b - "15b" Sunset sky virtue "15b - "20b" level 1 icon "4b - "6b" Devout boots "1b - "2b" Ferocious gloves "1b - "2b" Graceful gloves "1b - "2b" Gloves of darkenss"1b" Vigorras mace "12b - "15b" Lime whip "5b" Lime whip (I) n/a Aqua whip "6b" Aqua whip (I) n/a Row "300m - "500m" Row(I) "3b - "5b" Arrav’s xbow "15b - "20b" Bryo staff "1b - "2b" Grade scroll "1.5b - "2b" Up scroll "1.5b - "2b" Magma blowpipe "3b - "5b" Upgrade scroll "3b - "4b" Rock "3b - "4b" Zulrah toxic blowpipe - "550m - "750m" serpentine helm - "200m - "400m" tanzanite helm - "250m - "400m" magma helm - "250m - "400m" Cerb Eternal boots - "100m - "200m" Pegasian boots - "100m - "200m" Primordial boots - "100 - "200m" Corp divine spirit shield - "500m - "1b" spectral spirit shield - "25 - "50m" elysian spirit shield - "350 - "450" arcane spirit shield - "250 - "350" Bandos bandos chestplate - "25m - "50m" bandos tassets - "25m - "50m" bandos boots - "25 - "50m" bandos godsword - "100 - "200m" Armadyl armadyl helmet - "25m - "50m" armadyl chestplate - "25m - "50m" armadyl chainskirt - "25m - "50m" OLM twisted buckler - "50m - "100m" twisted bow - "5b- "7b" Saradomin Armadyl Crossbow - "250m - "500m" saradomin sword - "25m - "50m" saradomin godsword - "100m - "200m" PvP armors morrigan's coif - "25m - "50m" morrigan's leather body - "25m - "50m" morrigan's leather chaps - "25m - "50m zuriel's robe top - "25m - "50m" zuriel's robe bottom - "25m - "50m" zuriel's hood - "25m - "50m" zuriel's staff - "25m - "50m" vesta's chainbody - "25m - "50m" vesta's plateskirt - "25m - "50m" vesta's longsword - "25m - "50m" vesta's spear - "25m - "50m" statius's platebody - "255m - "50m" statius's platelegs - "25m - "50m" statius's full helm - "25m - "50m" statius's warhammer - "25m - "50m" Nex torva full helm - "500m - "750m" torva platebody - "500m - "750m" torva platelegs - "500m - "750m" pernix cowl - "500m - "750m" pernix body - "500m - "750m" pernix chaps - "500m - "750m" virtus mask - "500m - "750m" virtus robe top - "500m - "750m" virtus robe legs - "500m - "750m" Mid tier blood necklace - "500m - "1b" infinity top - "25m - "50m" infinity bottoms - "25m - "50m" infinity hat - "25m - "50m" santa hat - "250m - "500m" dragon kiteshield - "100m - "250m" necklace of anguish - "100 - "200m" elder maul - "150m - "250m" slayer helmet - "400m - "800m" dragon warhammer - "500m - "1b" trident of the seas - "150m - "200m" Zaryte bow - "150-200m" ring of the gods - "50m "200m" dragon claws - "150m - "200m" korasi's sword - "75 - "200m" barrelchest anchor - "25 - "50m" abyssal tentacle - "100m - "200m" volcanic abyssal whip - "150m - "300m" emerald rapier - "750m - 1b" Minigame Armor sets trickster - "2.5 - "5b" battle-mage - "1.5b - "2.5b" vanguard - "1.5b - "2.5b" heavy ballista - "NA- "NA" amulet of torture - "50m - "250m" Barrows sets Dharok, "50m - "100" Ahrim, "50m - "100" Guthans, "25m - "50m" Torag - "25m - "50m" Verac - "25m - "50m" Karil - "25-50m" Low tier dragon boots - "5m - "10m" abyssal whip - "15m" , "30m" infinity boots - "500k - "1.5m" dragonfire shield - "15m - "35m" toxic staff of the dead - "50m - "100m" hand cannon - "25m - "75m" berserker ring (i) - "25m - "50m" warrior ring (i) - "25 - "50m" seers' ring (i) - "25m - "50m" archers' ring (i) - "25m - "50m" dark bow - "10m - "25m" amulet of fury - "5m - "10m" amulet of ranging - "15m - "25m" mystery box - "35m - "65m" green staff of light - "50m - "100m" yellow staff of light - "50m - "100m" red staff of light - "50m - "100m" blue staff of light - "50m - "100m" glaiven boots - "15m - "25m" ragefire boots - "15m - "25m" steadfast boots - "15m - "25m"
  18. Added Fractite armour Added Zephyrium armour Added Dream Mystery Box obtainable from Donator store for 55 dpoints Added Jelly to New boss teleport Jelly drops noted clay used to create Sacred Clay Ranged Armour Revamped Ultimate mystery box Ultimate mystery boxes no longer gives bad loot Added Heroes back to ::home2 Added Sacred Clay Ranged armour Use an upgrade scroll + pernix piece + 450-750 clay to upgrade each piece You lose all clay + Upgrade scroll if failed Sky blue/Lime/Lemon whip (i) Now upgradable using Zezima NPC 1/10 chance Speed is a lot faster than regular ones Updated well dialogue All Nex minions now have a chance to drop nex pieces - Lime/Lemon/Sky blue whips buffed spec - 185% damage + 175% accuracy - Adjusted trivia questions/answers - Boss gauntlet minigame now only has 5 waves - Large rock is no longer tradeable - Added Up/Grade/Grey scrolls to Tekton as medium drops - Buffed Tekton boss drop table - Buffed Full sagittarian set - Row now picks up coins/blood money automatically - Row (I) now gives 10% bonus drop rate - All Nex minions now have a chance to drop nex pieces - All Nex minions drop 500k gold every time - Buffed all mystery boxes - Shenron now switches victim - Rebalanced melee sets
  19. nice we need more cash money !
  20. Love the new cash drops! This will really help with getting the new armors!
  21. Added Dinh’s bulwark to drop announcement Added 1B Scrolls to drop announcement Eden now gives boss points Fixed a bug where nex box gave a gold seal Warmonger common drops revamped Warmonger now drops 25-250m cash Shenron now drops 15-150m cash Adjusted all 50m/75m cash drops to 100m Drake now drops 5m every kill Drake now drops 100/250/500m cash drops Drake now drops 1b scrolls
  22. Aww Tikk some of the OG’s as server supports would be very nice! Because they have the best all round game knowledge, I hope you get this and keep inviting your friends to play!
  23. Just what I was looking for!
  24. Pretty decent guide tbh, love the pictures too !
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