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    New Client Update - Logo coming soon Added Sacred clay magic armour set Requires Virtus piece + 450-750 Clay + Upgrade scroll to upgrade Halloween Twisted Bow Pet is back! 10% bonus drop rate at OLM Raids! Requires Twisted Bow Pet + Daconia Rock + Twisted Bow + Upgrade Scroll 50% Success rate, if failed you lose all items!!!!!! - New Website ready to go within a few days - Revamped Magic Damage - Revamped Bryophyta's staff - Revamped Sang staff - Removed Magic Damage Cap - Buffed goodie bags - Can now give grey/up/grade/upgrade scrolls + daconia rock - Revamped Treasure island - You can now get up to 3 upgrade/grey/up/grade scrolls + daconia rock - Added Uber Donator Zone - Work in progress - Added Spade to farmers store - You may now use pet desert strykewyrm on wishing well - Slightly nerfed Nex sets damage in wilderness - Fixed 30 prestige icon
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