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  1. Nice price guide! I do see that devouts are on the list twice at 1-1.5b and 1-2b. Looks good!
  2. Love the new cash drops! This will really help with getting the new armors!
  3. Looks great! Thanks for the update Willus!
  4. Where are the gloves at? Do they give more xp for training?
  5. You were super active and helpful to players before reset. I think you would make a great SS if you got back into the game!
  6. Thanks for the update Willus! Jack seems to know what he's doing so I'm glad you gave him a shot. Hopefully these updates will put this server back on the map!
  7. Awesome update Willus! Glad things are rolling now. Keep up the good work my man!
  8. I think that once you prestige, the bind items level should be removed. I've lost many primal/ promethium items because i was training my dungeoneering again after prestiging and didn't have a high enough level.
  9. Maybe we could take out items like rune and summoning pouches
  10. I would prestige until you get enough points for Ring of Bosses. It was 5 or 6 depending on your luck. I don't know if that will change with the update, but the ring is way worth the effort of prestiging.
  11. Thank you for this! It is nice to see an actual loot tab of what you can get from these. I also think it would be nice to have a list of all possible drops (not specific amounts of items but just a full list)
  12. Thank you for posting these! I have always wanted a for sure answer because so many people said it capped at prestige 10.
  13. Nice guide, Time. I haven't used it much because I know a good bit of the trivia, but I like being able to direct others here. Thanks for the effort you put in to it!
  14. I got 30th prestige just before restart, and I was seriously considering making a legend or maybe an ironman account. I might still depending on how much grinding will come with the new launch
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