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  1. Elysian

    Rank Request

    Rank given & name changed 🙂
  2. Hey Mr Matty, I'd like to thank you for your interest in the applied for the role! We will get back to you once we've reached a decision!
  3. Hello Smexy, First I'd like to thank you for filling an application for the role "Forum Moderator". For last few days, I've noticed your activity, actions, reports and even suggestions mainly in my discord pms about it. You've shown enough to me that you care about the forums. Welcome on board! //accepted
  4. Lovely update! Keep them coming Willy the Wankah! ❤️
  5. Hey Whitesavage, I'd like to thank you for your interest in the applied for the role! We will get back to you once we've reached a decision!
  6. Hey Gan, I'd like to thank you for your interest in the applied for roles! We will get back to you once we've reached a decision!
  7. 1) Inappropriate Language Inappropriate Language and Flaming Topics, posts, PMs that are directed at a single member, or group, to either defame them of their reputation, character or to simply insult, flame them directly etc., 2) Spamming * Spamming a lot just to gain post count. * Posting content irrelevant to the topic. * Posts that consist of single word (e.g "nice") will be considered spamming on the forums and a warning or infraction will be given per the staff's discretion; emoticons and pictures do not count as words *Double posts 3) Grave digging When you post in a "dead thread", which is a thread that was not posted in for over 20 days for example 4) Posting in the correct board or section This is to be done at all times, a little infraction that will expire could be handed out if excessive posting in the wrong board or section is done 5) Misleading Links Misleading links are to never be posted on the forums, if posting a link to a YouTube video; we expect it to lead to YouTube 6) Reputation Cheating The amount of likes that has been given to a user will not be tolerated & asking for reputation against the rules as well 7) Inappropriate Usernames We will not tolerate inappropriate names that contain any vulgar language, hate crime, relationship to pornographic material, impersonations (mod, admin, owner etc.) or anything that would be considered inappropriate of any sort. 8 ) Sharing Accounts Sharing your forum account with another person is not allowed. 9) Advertisement Advertisement on the forums is strictly dealt with Shoutbox Rules. * Flaming is against the rules * Spamming * Advertisement -Forum Management
  8. Latest update of the Staff team: 21th May 2020 @Ajw Owner @Willus Owner , Manager @Roy Manager , Owner @Elysian Forum Manager, Moderator , Discord Manager @Lemmtim Administrator , Forum Administrator @Pink Grapes Administrator , Forum Administrator @PoS Moderator @Nismo Moderator @Serenity Moderator @Elysian Moderator, Forum Manager, Discord Manager @Dragon Tamer Moderator @D U F F Man Moderator @mamba Moderator @Maid Of Mist Moderator @Smexy Forum Moderator @Raphael Server Support @Wood Polish Server Support
  9. Ranks given! @Exemulionnext time make your own request thread. //locked
  10. Elysian

    Rank Request

    Hey Puree, could you use the format once the server is live to get your screenshots? Everyone should be able to keep their rank.
  11. Format: Username: Requesting Rank: Proof "Screenshot": If failing to meet any of these following requirements your request will be automatically declined. 1. You may only post on a request thread if the following requirements are met: -You are the player requesting the Rank, no one else. -You are ranked the following; 2. The proof of your rank must meet the following requirement: Donator Ranks -Yourself in the highest Donator rank as possible(Donator rank) -Donator icon is visible + your player panel Veteran -6 Months old forum account -25 Forum posts -Screenshot of your profile on forums, post count & date included. -250 hours playtime ingame (Screenshot) Completionist -Prestige 30 -Max Exp -Completionist Cape (All achievements)
  12. Hey Content, thank you for your suggestion! I'll look into it and add most of it. //accepted & done soon as possible, locked.
  13. -Added icons for Categories to make it look more fancy. -Ordered the Discord ranks to their proper place. -Moved channels. removed, remade channels for cleaning purpose. Added a new bot(s)! -Simple Poll, with this bot we'll be able to create poll for future updates / ideas! -Osrs Bot This bot is basically a bot meant for osrs to check stats and go on but! It has a virtual minigame in side of it. You can slay monsters, grind skills out which can be quite funny to play with whilst by simple typing a command of your will. Are you the one going to conquer on Arrav's Discord and become our next Woox? You can find more information about the bot commands in here; https://www.oldschool.gg/oldschoolbot/minions We also found a easy weakness items for bosses you might be wanting to know! I wish you the very best of becoming our next Virtual Discord Woox! Grab your glory here 🙂 A quick announcement before we go into forum's changes. From this point, Forum staff team will be more active, and take actions if needed. We've stood a little too low and let the forum settle its self. Here we are again with small changes. Added new Rank named 'Ex Staff' with it's correct userbar! Userbar: How does one get Ex Staff rank? Simple, we'll be only giving this rank to following requirements; -This staffmember has been part of Staff team longer than 6 months & Moderator + -This staffmember has been Administrator longer than several months. This will be not a rank to hunt after as let's get the Server Support resign shortly after. You can no longer gain post count from following sections; Off Topic -Music -Movies -Other Spam -Forum Games This is due to prevent post count farming & Spamming just to meet certain requirements for future content. Added new section, named Staff Feedback In this section only @Willus and @Ajw are able to view your feedback. That means no other staffmember can view the feedback only by Willus or Ajw decides to share and discuss, confront if necessary. We are currently looking into proper Shoutbox & Member of Month, Awards for our future events or communication. Stay tuned of that! Forum Team
  14. Elysian

    Joe's intro

    Hey man, welcome to Arrav! Hope you'll enjoy your stay here with us! Especially through these reset times! We'll bounce right up in the sky.
  15. Aye, a late intro but better than never! I'd like to say, welcome on the this side of the server! I'm looking forward to see you after the reset has happend!
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