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  1. Added Protector Boss Spawns every 2 hours Decent drop table Added Bryophyta's staff (i) Requires Bryophyta's staff + Upgrade scroll + Crystal of Power + 3 1B scrolls Hidden bonus - 30% stronger than regular Bryophyta's staff 50% success rate - if failed, you lose Crystal of Power - You may now use Bryophyta's staff on zezima for 1/10 chance at upgrading to Crystal of Power - You may now bring Bryophyta's staff in the wilderness - Bryophyta's staff's damage has been altered in the wilderness - You may now upgrade Super > Ultimate Mystery boxes (1/5 chance) - Added two max hit dummies to Edgeville wilderness
  2. New Client Update - Logo coming soon Added Sacred clay magic armour set Requires Virtus piece + 450-750 Clay + Upgrade scroll to upgrade Halloween Twisted Bow Pet is back! 10% bonus drop rate at OLM Raids! Requires Twisted Bow Pet + Daconia Rock + Twisted Bow + Upgrade Scroll 50% Success rate, if failed you lose all items!!!!!! - New Website ready to go within a few days - Revamped Magic Damage - Revamped Bryophyta's staff - Revamped Sang staff - Removed Magic Damage Cap - Buffed goodie bags - Can now give grey/up/grade/upgrade scrolls + daconia rock - Revamped Treasure island - You can now get up to 3 upgrade/grey/up/grade scrolls + daconia rock - Added Uber Donator Zone - Work in progress - Added Spade to farmers store - You may now use pet desert strykewyrm on wishing well - Slightly nerfed Nex sets damage in wilderness - Fixed 30 prestige icon
  3. Added Fractite armour Added Zephyrium armour Added Dream Mystery Box obtainable from Donator store for 55 dpoints Added Jelly to New boss teleport Jelly drops noted clay used to create Sacred Clay Ranged Armour Revamped Ultimate mystery box Ultimate mystery boxes no longer gives bad loot Added Heroes back to ::home2 Added Sacred Clay Ranged armour Use an upgrade scroll + pernix piece + 450-750 clay to upgrade each piece You lose all clay + Upgrade scroll if failed Sky blue/Lime/Lemon whip (i) Now upgradable using Zezima NPC 1/10 chance Speed is a lot faster than regular ones Updated well dialogue All Nex minions now have a chance to drop nex pieces - Lime/Lemon/Sky blue whips buffed spec - 185% damage + 175% accuracy - Adjusted trivia questions/answers - Boss gauntlet minigame now only has 5 waves - Large rock is no longer tradeable - Added Up/Grade/Grey scrolls to Tekton as medium drops - Buffed Tekton boss drop table - Buffed Full sagittarian set - Row now picks up coins/blood money automatically - Row (I) now gives 10% bonus drop rate - All Nex minions now have a chance to drop nex pieces - All Nex minions drop 500k gold every time - Buffed all mystery boxes - Shenron now switches victim - Rebalanced melee sets
  4. Added Dinh’s bulwark to drop announcement Added 1B Scrolls to drop announcement Eden now gives boss points Fixed a bug where nex box gave a gold seal Warmonger common drops revamped Warmonger now drops 25-250m cash Shenron now drops 15-150m cash Adjusted all 50m/75m cash drops to 100m Drake now drops 5m every kill Drake now drops 100/250/500m cash drops Drake now drops 1b scrolls
  5. Added Dinh's Bulwark Added Eden boss Available in donator zone (::dzone) and in New bosses (brutal dragons + stone guardians) Added Kratonite Melee Armour Added Raids Cape Added Verzik's Cape Added Bathus, Marmaros, Kratonite Kiteshields OLM + TOB Crystals Added Verzik’s crystal shard Added Great Olm’s crystal Added Normal rock drop announcement Admins can now force tree and force star to spawn Fixed a bug where you could tele to your target outside wilderness with BH teletab Reduced the amount of sharks given from pure pk sets 300 > 50 Fixed an error where Zamorak boss in Boss gauntlet only had 300 hp Added command for admins to reset boss gauntlet when bugged Wildywyrm now drops 25-50m gold Galvek now drops 50-500m gold TOB raids now give up to 25m gold per round Prestige > 10+ now gives 30% exp, 15+ gives 35%, 20+ gives 40%, 25+ gives 45%, 28+ gives 50% bonus exp. Prestige exp over 10 have now been adjusted Fixed a bug where marmaros/bathus/novite armour gave ranged and magic bonuses All boss capes now save arrows like ava’s assembler Infernal cape + ANY Boss cape + Upgrade scroll + 2 crystals to make Raids cape Buffed drop rate for Grey scrolls - Wilderness bosses Babydragon bones now sell for 35k each Frost dragon bones now sell for 100k each Closing the client will no longer open the arrav website
  6. Brawling gloves now give 25% bonus exp when used Cooking, prayer, smithing, mining, woodcutting, fishing, thieving, hunter, firemaking and agility gloves available Master rock > Daconia rock ¼ chance Fixed a bug where you could tele out of wilderness with ::bg command ::bgenter to enter Boss gauntlet (Over 7 people may join) Fixed a bug where you could claim up to two awards from BG chest Added brawling gloves to boss gauntlet rewards Added chance for more than 1 player to get a rare from OLM Just a quick update, will finish the rest when I'm awake!
  7. Good stuff. Looking into it now
  8. Hi there guys. Sorry it's been a long time since I posted anything on the forums, things have just been happening in real life and it's been a roller coaster ride. I would like to update you with our current with our management team, I have taken over as the main owner of the server and @Ajw has moved onto other priorities but will still be assisting me from time to time. As most staff have left or been inactive, I will be looking for new additions to the team when our player count goes back up. The server has been going downhill since the reset and nothing was really done to prevent that from happening until now. I've decided to add @Kimus to the team as a developer, I have seen what this man is capable of and I believe he will help us excel back to what Arrav was before and even better. Expect nothing but good things to happen in the near future, I believe Arrav has a lot of potential to grow and I have never given up on the server. Things that Jack and I will be working on in the next few weeks. Perfecting the new minigame New wilderness content New armour and weapons New bosses with different combat strategies Quality of life updates Many more - please suggest them to us
  9. New Minigame released! Enter the lobby using the ::bg command After 7 players enter the lobby, game starts immediately You will face 10 waves of bosses If a player dies, they are sent to the jail. You can revive them by clicking on the orb When you complete all 10 waves, click on the chest and receive your reward! Patiently wait to be teleported out, make sure you claim your reward or you won't receive anything! Rotations for bosses are completely random - 16 different types of bosses You won't lose your items if you die Each boss will have 55-150k HP You must have 7 players to start the game (this may change in the future) You must claim your prize right away! (You snooze, you lose!) Other changes - Fixed a bug where you could take Master Stone into the wilderness - Weapon and armour adjustments - Couple more small issues
  10. Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates. Quarantine ending in New Zealand caused me to be MIA most of the times, but I'm back and updates will be done regularly again 😄 Here is a quick one for you all! Upgrade Scrolls are back! Master stone will turn your character to a Stone Golem! Added Brutal Black Dragons - New Boss Tele Added Stone Guardians - New Boss tele Added Bathus Melee Armour Requires Novite piece + 2 - 3X 1B Scrolls (2 for helm,boots,gloves. 3 for body and legs) + Upgrade scroll to Upgrade Helm requires Torva helm + daconia rock, Body requires Torva platebody + daconia rock, Legs require Torva platelegs + daconia rock 50% Success rate - Lose all 1B scrolls Added Marmaros Melee Armour Requires Bathus piece + 2-4X 1B Scrolls (2 for helm. 3 for boots,gloves. 4 for body and legs)+ 2x Upgrade scroll + Daconia Rock to Upgrade 50% Success rate - Lose all 1B scrolls + 1 Upgrade scroll Added Arrav's Crossbow - Hits hard but slow Requires ACB + Upgrade Scroll + 5x 1B scrolls, + Daconia Rock + Twisted bow 50% Success rate - Lose all 1B scrolls Added Dragon Hunter Crossbow (i) Risk 1/10 chance upgrade from dragon hunter crossbow Added Dragon Hunter Lance (i) Risk 1/10 chance upgrade from dragon hunter lance Added Level 4 icons Requires Lvl 3 icon + 2 upgrade scrolls + 5x 1B cash + Daconia Rock 50% Success rate - Lose all 1B scrolls + 1 Upgrade scroll Brought back Dark Scythe of Vitur Requires Scythe of Vitur + Black vitur key + 2x 1B scrolls + Upgrade Scroll - Added Master rock - Turns you into a stone guardian - Added ::home2 command to teleport you to Kourend - Fixed a bug where you could bring icons into the wilderness - You can now risk upgrade your Vine whip to Lime whip at 1/50 odds - Made all godwar bosses non-aggressive - Removed the "You manage to leech your target's" message - Increased odds of getting rare/super rare items from Ultimate Mystery Boxes - Brought back grey scrolls, Upgrade scrolls, Up scrolls, Grade scrolls - Upgrade scrolls are dropped by Drake, obtainable from OLM + TOB rewards - Daconia Rock can be formed by using 1000 large rocks with a normal rock from Stone guardian drop table - Grey scrolls are dropped by Corporeal beast, Nex, nazastarool, drakes, greater nechryaels, scorpia, venenatis, chaos elementals - Removed Ring of wealth from Tarn drop table - Combine Up scroll with Grade scroll to make Upgrade Scroll - You may now use zamorakian spear on wishing well for 50-100m - Fixed a bug where you couldn't well certain pets, also causes player to dc - Changed it so the ::find command is no longer case sensitive - Greater Nechryael now gives boss points - Buffed Level 3 Icons - Buffed Dragon Hunter Crossbow - Buffed Halloween Twisted Bow Let's get back to it my boys! More to come within next two days!
  11. Introducing Viggora's chainmace Introducing Novite Kiteshield Introducing Mind Shield Introducing Sky Blue Whip Introducing Lemon Whip Revamped Boss point store Revamped Slayer point store Added Lvl 3 Icons Added 3rd age bow (i) - CUSTOM Donation - PM me in game for more details - Added Avernic defender hilt to nazastarool drop table - Combine Avernic defender (broken) with Avernic defender hilt to make Avernic defender - Added delay to spec altar in edzone + dzone - Added yellow + sky blue vine to slayer point store - Use yellow or sky blue vine on lime whip to change to that colour - Lord Marshall equip now give 1% bonus exp more each piece - Adjustments to some bosses - Steel titan pouch is now unsellable - Zamorakian spear now does 300% damage against Corp - Removed message for dragonfire shield - Removed message for antifire potion - Fixed 1 billion exp announcement - Removed Spirit shields from PK sets - Lime whips are now tradeable - Fixed a bug where dragon hunter lance did extra damage to Corp - Buffed Toxic Blowpipe - Buffed Twisted Bow - Buffed Halloween Twisted Bow - Buffed Magma Blowpipe - Buffed Lime whip
  12. Added lime whip Currently disguised as Draconic whip (c) - Will be updated with a client update tomorrow - Trivia now displays the answer to the question when solved - Buffed Mystery box drops - Theatre of blood is now active - Adjustments made to slayer shop - Adjustments made to boss point shop - Announcement for defeating Infernal is added - Increased attack speed of scythe of vitur - Increased attack speed of twisted bow - Increased attack speed of dragon hunter lance - Added some items to donor store - Buffed dragon hunter lance damage - Nerfed Zbow Spec - Nerfed Magic shortbow spec - Nerfed Hand cannon spec - Adjusted Dragon Scimitar spec - Corporeal beasts in the donator zone are now harder and in a multi area - Adjusted Magic spell accuracy - Reduced spec usage from 100 > 75 for Sky blue scythe of vitur - Increased accuracy of Sunset/Sky blue scythe specs - Increased damage + accuracy of halloween twisted bow spec - Bryophyta's staff nerfed to balance weapons - Nerfed abyssal whip drop rate from Sword knight More content to come tomorrow
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