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  1. Im super dono. Can i get the colour on discord? Ign exemulion
  2. Will the xp rate go up every prestige instead of every 3 prestiged now?
  3. Can we get a new topic about the new server launch tomorrow?
  4. What does the ring of bosses give? Bonus?
  5. Please make a shop so we can buy Herbs....would be very happy with this one
  6. I will go for normal and prestige 4 times as soon as possible so i get same droprate as legend
  7. What game mode will you choose after reset. I think i will go normal mode and prestige the first day.
  8. I got 6 Mb from 2 keys oké time.
  9. Cant wait 5 days left for LAUNCH!

  10. some people were very Lucky today with drops XD, im exited to play the new Arrav! RIP: my 100b cash bank
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