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  1. Great news! Welcome to the team @Kimus im glad about this decision!
  2. Nice job man really good updates! Keep it up👌🏽
  3. WELCOME TO Here i will be going over Smithing / Mining. First of, Where can you start skilling?? Click on either skill and it will teleport you to where you need to be. Next your gonna need a pickaxe/hammer. You can get these from mining instructor (left side in photo) You can also buy bars, Iron- mith. Ores and Levels Rune ore - 85 Shooting star - 80 Adamantite ore - 70 Mithril ore - 55 Gold ore - 40 Coal ore - 30 Pure essence - 21 Iron - 15 Tin/ Copper - 1 Essence - 1 From level 1-40 - tin ores From levels 40-80/99 - gold ores At level 80 you can start mining the shooting star Your able to mine star at 80 and gives great xp. When mining star, you will get star dust that can be used in the stardust shop. Talk to "expert minor" at mining guild accessed by clicking on mining skill. Now its time to do some smithing! I recommend doing platebodys as they give the most xp. To smith ores into bars you need: 1 tin ore and copper ore = Bronze bar 1 iron = iron bar 1 iron and 2 coal = steel bar 1 mithril ore and 4 coal = mithril bar 1 addy ore and 6 coal = addy bar 1 rune ore and 8 coal = rune bar From levels 1-18 Bronze items At level 18 you can start doing bronze platebodys. Im only listing platebody levels you can train smithing however, platebodys are normally the most xp. 18 - bronze platebody 33 - iron platebody 48 - steel platebody 68 - mithril platebody 88 adamant platebody 99 - rune platebodys I Hope this mining/smithing guide helps, Thank you! Guide by: 8 24 / Mamba
  4. always quick to fix. thanks for the dedication team (:
  5. Great job! Super excited to play legend mode!
  6. Always some juicey updates, thanks homie
  7. Love the commitment to balance the game as much as possible, thanks fam!
  8. Great updates as always! Thank you.
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