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  1. or just use imp charm and afk at rock crabs with an cannon:p
  2. To max


    a little more explanation?
  3. in my opinion, PVM (bosses) got to much attention while anything else left behind PVP and skilling
  4. this looks way cleaner then it was before it destroyed eco
  5. To max


    i dont get it either:P
  6. To max

    24 hours left

    yeah excited:D
  7. To max

    MUSIC <3

    Justin bieber:P
  8. Username: To Max Requesting Rank: Extreme donator Proof "Screenshot": Don't have printscreen of ingame, but i am well known by any admin especially willus:P + I have the extreme donator rank in Discord (see printscreen name; "Arts"
  9. Do we still have a shit load on bosses ingame??
  10. totally 100000% agree on the auction thing i dont like it either
  11. its good ur made it harder to prestige, but it would be better to also make it more benefitional perhaps in droprate% bonus etc. atm i dont see the point of prestiging, since it also still is capped at 30
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