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  1. https://gyazo.com/853af00acc305ece5dcfd4d2657212c2 ^quad win https://gyazo.com/268230c454d5dbb8b1ec29845eeb6252 ^ trio win Today was a good day
  2. Go build yourself a decent PC, I can help you with that 👀
  3. Hey lads, This part of the forums has been quite dead for some time now, let's change that. Show off your games over here, this screenshot was taken after taking the W in a quad plunder match: http://imgur.com/a/3Kw9B1r Ez carry
  4. The amount of tekton events should be minimized due to the impact it has on the eco, therefore this gets a -1 from me.
  5. You keep delivering the goooods my man!
  6. Hey Raymond, I've had the pleasure to experience your goofiness in help cc. I like it, keep it up hahaha. Welcome to the forums buddy!
  7. Haantje30


    What's the suggestion here? I see a lot of text but no suggestion really.
  8. +1 for pkers this would be great aswell
  9. Id love for the task to be dag kings in general rather tham 1 of 3. +1 on this.
  10. We agreed to keep our relationship secret 🤭
  11. Hey! You used my guides! Call me slayermusiq. Fr tho, pin this to the top of guides, very good idea to add this.
  12. With a 3rd age pickaxe youre better off mining mithril to 80 and star after, same mine speed, but more exp
  13. Correct, so why bother hehehe
  14. Could've made it shorter: Step 1: kill bosses Step 2: get ckeys Step 3: open c chest Step 4: lamp that shit
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