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  1. I've been doing a lot of thinking about the server lately and have been trying to come up with some suggestions that might benefit the server, but I keep coming back to these ideas that we've all heard of or seen , a similar "version" of somewhere. So I decided to try some counter-intuitive thinking and a thought I came across was, that I keep seeing a few different people say things like "Where are the updates??" -And I mean I can't disagree with the fact that, yes of course we need updates.. But first of all, there are exactly two topics posted in the suggestions section that are useful and that might benefit the server. If we want this non-stop flow of updates, why don't we all take the time to actually suggest some bug fixes that you've noticed, write down some ideas you have that you think might make the server more fun for everyone. Yes, the Owner comes up with his own plan for what he's going to update and he has his own plans and what ever, but he doesn't actually play the game like we do. He's not going to run into all the small bug fixes that need to be taken care of like we do first hand. So when nobody says anything about them, we can't complain when they aren't getting fixed. Same goes with any other update. If you look at it from a different perspective, as the owner of an RSPS and you have a server up and running, you've got a decent & slowly growing player base and you have these forums for them to use with a section -That is specifically there for them to let you know directly what they want changed/fixed/added, but they aren't suggesting anything, at all. You're going to think, "Well, I guess everything is running alright. Nobody is saying anything should be fixed or changed, nobody is really suggesting anything, Cool I guess they're all comfortable with the way things are going." We gotta speak up guys. The only way this server is going to go any where is if we help it while it's in it's earlier stages by doing our part.. With all of that being said, that is just one factor accounted for. The other factor and second part of the thought I had, is that the other thing I hear people talk often about is how we need more players", and again, I can't disagree with that fact. But like I said, counter-intuitively, I think that should be the last thing we are worrying about right now. What we should absolutely focus on, is not "How do we get as much players as fast a possible?" We should be focusing on maintaining the players that we already have here, first of all. We should all be aware that right now we are literally setting the community standards and social norms for future players. Instead of focusing on accumulating mass quantities of players, focus on making friends with people, helping the small flow of new players we do have feel welcome in the community and not ignored and/or left feeling like they're already too far behind/not a part of the rest of the community that just has a little bit more play time. That way, we begin to start a "cycle" or "domino effect" and what we do will show the next new players how to treat the new players that they come across in time and they will treat them the way we treated them because they'll remember how good it felt to be accepted immediately and want them to feel the same way they did. Once we've got a decent "base layer" of players who all truly have the community's well being in mind, the more the server will naturally take off from there and prosper. The alternative is we're just going to keep getting a few new players here and there, that generally stick to themselves, who play for a bit and then quit in days/weeks because they're always alone and feel like an outcast Now, I already know most of you guys probably aren't going to read this and this post probably won't make too much of a difference, but one can hope that this at least opens a few people's eyes and makes some sort of difference. Anyways guys, In conclusion: If we want change, we must do our part and help bring the changes to life. Secondly, worry about who's around now. Be helpful & respectful to your peers as well as "pave the way" for the future community of Arrav by simply by being a good person. Thanks for reading! Feel free to respond with anything you agree/disagree with as well. I'd like to hear everyone's opinions and see what you all think!
  2. What's goin' on Boys! Now, thanks to the one and only @Roy , we should now all be able to upload our own forum signature to our profiles. 🖤 Now, since everybody's posts are looking a little bland and lacking a bit of color, I will be offering anybody who wants one, a forums signature of their own! For a price of course. 👻 But I'm not looking to get rich off of doing this, so it's not like I will be charging anything unreasonable. I also truly enjoy making them and the whole process is enjoyable to me, But making them does take up a fair amount of time, so I am going to charge something. That being said, I can't come up with one single price to charge for everyone, simply because there are too many different variables that will affect what each piece of work ends up costing.. So, if you would like a custom signature made for you, hit me up in-game and/or/preferably leave a reply below with the following and I will get back to you as soon as possible to work something out! Thanks for reading and I hope I get to make some art for some people some time soon! P.S. Usually I would post a few different finished products, but I just recently got a new laptop after completely frying my last one and have none of my old work to show case for you guys, so you might just have to wait until I do a few for some people and decide if you like my work before you even think about buying one for yourself and that's perfectly fine. I may "give away" one or two signatures to a couple people, just so I can throw up a few more examples up or something. We'll see! That's all for now guys. R o g u e S a u c e ' s S i g n a t u r e S h o p "Love it or get your money back!" Details I need: -Size (Roughly how big do you want it? Mine is about 1000 x 300 ) -Text (What do you want it to say?) -Style (What style do you want? i.e. abstract, simple, freestyle, etc.) -Images (Do you want any images added? Mine has a few Runescape related items incorporated into it for example) -Background (Do you want there to be a "border" and a back ground or just have the signature it's self with a transparent back ground, border-less?) -Gif / Jpeg (Do you want it to be animated or a still image? [ Gifs must have a border. No Transparent backgrounds! ] ) Keep in mind that Gifs take a much longer time to make because they consist of multiple different images stacked on top of each other to create them, so this will in return affect the cost -Any other information/details you would like to specify such as color schemes, specific fonts, references, etc. " Border-less / Transparent background / Jpeg " The quality of this isn't the greatest because it was meant to be made into a Gif, so I didn't pay to much attention to detail, but here's an example of what my signature would look like in this style:
  3. Nicely done, Mozzie. Keep up the good work my friend! You're a great asset to the server, buddy. I'm glad we have you. +1 🖤
  4. Bump! I’ve been taking down notes on changes that I believe should be implemented into the game and most of the things I’ve come across are on This list already. Sure wish I would have saved my self some time and read this days ago. Lol, oh well. Anyways, I 100% completely agree with everything listed here. +1 🤙
  5. If they make it so we can have forums signatures, I will personally make you a titty sig on the spot. Lol
  6. Welcome, my dude. Enjoy your stay here on Arrav! Hit me up if you ever wanna shoot the shit or PVM, once you've gotten to a high enough of a level. I'm always down! Other than that, there's a fairly decent community & staff team we've got goin' right now, so if you need help, don't hesitate to ask. I'm sure the nearest person will answer any questions you've got. If not, what ever staff is online will surely do! Anyways,that's all from me for now. take it easy and have fun! See you around, friend. ✌️
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    What's up guys, I'm a music junkie and I like just about any type of music (besides Country) and I'm always looking for new music to add to the playlist. Post your favorite song and/or what you're listening to right now! 👻 What I'm listening to now: My favorite song:
  8. Nicely done my man! Simple, yet effective. Clean format as well. +1 from me!
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  10. Nice to get to know you a little better, Mozzie. And thanks a lot for being so helpful! You're doing great buddy, keep it up and I'm sure you'll be a Mod in no time!👻
  11. It may just be me, but having a forums signature on the forums is kind of important to me, mostly because of the fact that I do Graphic Design and like to make signatures for people as a little side hustle. But at the same time, it also adds a little bit of life and color to the forums and lets people express themselves a little more. It just makes the forums a little less bland overall. That's all I've got for now on this subject. Thanks for taking the time to consider! *For the other players who are reading this, what are your thoughts?* 👽
  12. Welcome, my dude! Hit me up In-Game if you're ever bored and want to shoot the shit. I'm always down. Anyways, enjoy your stay here at Arrav, I'll see you around. Good luck!
  13. Hell yeah man. Welcome to the server and good luck on your YouTube endeavors! One bit of advice I have is to never give up, no matter what, have fun and keep on being yourself. You'll naturally accumulate your own loyal fan base over time! You got a sub from me, bud. See you around. ✌️
  14. Welcome to the server, Matty! Good luck & Have fun.
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