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  1. R3D is nice person, always active, always friendly
  2. Nismo must be a close friend of ajw or willus if he gets that rank and plays 1 hour a month
  3. The rocks fall for too long, simple. They fall for like 40 seconds after the first phase, which is way to long. After the second phase it falls for like 15 seconds, which is reasonable. OLM is the only minigame I dislike because I dont like walking around aimlessly for 40 seconds avoiding rocks. Would like to see some upvotes here 😉 come on who agrees. Both phases of rock falls should be 15 seconds.
  4. How do you know what the stats are for the comp cape and how do you know they are worse than the boss capes and infernal max cape? I assume, the completion cape stats would be better than any cape in the game. if they are not, ive wasted a lot of time doing achievements. standing at 107/106 (idk how its that lmao)
  5. SkuId

    List of things

    Just a small list of a few things, mosty suggestions but some pointers all in one post. -Make the speed of mining ore faster especially rune -Make the speed of fishing faster especially rocktails - 9.5 seconds each fish -Add the old style frame to fullscreen, its a different HUD from the fixed screen, and the fixed screen is so much easier to read chat -Dragon darts and rune darts do the same damage in the blowpipe -Make items in shops notable, like noted pots -Allow us to lend or borrow our items for an exchange of cash set by the lender -Alter/remove the PVP achievements 'Obtain all loyalty titles', this requires the player to kill 50 people in the wilderness and also get a kill streak of 15. This PVP achievement is extremely hard when no one is in the wilderness. I personally wont be able to ever get this achievement done. 330 hours played i got 1 kil. -More bosses to be added -The well bonuses, double blood money, double slayer points are not really needed. -Something has to change about the auction house. POS? allow players to sell for more than 48 hours? -The money well, add an option to 'add all' so everything in your inv goes to the well if you want to trade all ur loot -75k dung points for 1 lamp is a bit much, 300 gold dust from the star is a bit much for 1 c key which leads me on to my next point... -There is no rewards worth getting from star dust and when i visit the star im the only one there because of it -There is no rewards worth getting apart from void at PC, once youve done your 30-45 minutes at PC you currently never need to go back there -Considering the ECO and how cheap barrows is, there is no need for anyone to do barrows. -Add more types of gloves, we all use barrows for everything -On the leaderboards at home by duel arena, add 'Boss kills', then leaderboards shows whos got the most kills for each boss. -Add on quest tab where it says your account and how much you donated, show 'Drop rate: x%' which will include row if worn, prestige bonus, donation bonus. -Add kill timers on all bosses, not just zulrah And my favourite suggestion... because we all love to compete and be the best... -Make a dummy at home that we get to attack once each 24 hours, 60 seconds to fight it, whoever does most damage display a lead boarder, top 10 people get small-medium rewards, maybe blood money. (stole this idea from another server)
  6. can i have a pair of tits as mine
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