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Kim Li

Suggestion For The New Update

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Make Wilderness Great Again :-
-Spawn a few drake wildy with lower hp. 

-Create atleast x5 different bosses in wildy that drop capes. Combine all the cape to get an Upgrade.

- To make it more fun (announce how many people are they at each place every 1min)

-Make Torva, Avernic, Devouts, Ring of Gods,  Justiciar, Ancestral, Pernix, Ghrazi Rapier, can be bring into wildernes. Make it normal stats when step in wildy.

-Summoning Special Skill move works - Titan, Wolpertinger, Unicorn

-Can bring extreme potion which only can make by your own or by from other people.


New Feature :-
Rework our auction house. Seems to be dead no one use. 

-Relocate it to somewhere strategic? IDK this is just my opinion i felt like its isolated.

-Can sell item price more than 2147m. Will be directly deduct/transfer from/to pouch.
-Rework the interference. Make it more friendlier. To search and to sell.

- Remove Time limit to sell item

-Reduce tax to 2%

-Extreme Potion - Herblore skill

- An option (GAMBLE ALL ITEM) @ zezima , No need to click use one by one

- Add Dinh's bulwark & Kodai in OLM


Need to Be Fix :-

- Make Superior Dragon Bones can be noted.

- make combat XP counter = Damage, after reach 200m xp. It never show xp after you reach 200m and its hard for pker like me to predict hit.

Eco :-
-Remove Bandos, Armadyl, Toxic Staff, DHCB, Full DH from uncommon table drop.
-Insert Common drop such as dragon plate leg or chain ETC, Junk.
- For TOB and OLM, create some stage from the original one or make it full stage. Have to kill all bosses rather than only the finale.

- TOB only drop Justiciar and their item

-OLM only drop ancestral and their item

-Make certain item discontinued. Pink Scythe - Pink Tbow.


IDK about yall opinion. Since this is my suggestion i bet that there will be still a lot of flaws. Hope we can cooperate together by suggesting ideas to make arrav #1 RSPS. Feel free to comment anything. Good or Bad, i will take it. ☺️

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+1 All of them except.

being able to bring your own extreme potions. That'd be considered op. I can easily hit 94 with super set, and with possible gmaul on top most like 140. Imagine with extreme? Accuracy, max hit will be higher which means 85 specs would become common.


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+1 for me on all of this 🙂 nice Kim.

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I agree with Kim. We have to contribute to all things. Wild, Skilling and PVM. All this = more players.

Rn wilderness is dead af...

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