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Mr Matty

Suggestions and Bugs

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Posted (edited)

to be continued...





  • wildy slayer (just need to add drops to wildy slayer monsters)
  • Wiley bosses drops buffed
  • PK shop not blood money (decent items)
  • Random hp event 
  • increased drop rate for skulled players




  • Clan wars shop updated
  • Fight pits with rewards
  • Scared clay
  • LMS



Balance changes 

  • Arrav crossbow
  • Broken Averic defender
  • Averic hilt
  • Pumpkin
  • Stone keys
  • Dragon hunter crossbow 
  • Kantanta
  • Halloween items (either buff, give progressional opertunities or give drop rate to olm only)
  • Barrows drop rate 1/5
  • elite/master clues give better loot
  • Turq slay helm
  • Lime whips(I) and lime
  • Treasure island chest to have added new item
  • more weapon progression
  • need a good one handed weapon(could make halloween scythe only require 1 hand)


  • When attacking NPC’s position needs to be exact same spot or it won’t let you hit this also applys to OLM
  • Pre-set messing placeholders double
  • death in duel = result draw
  • pets give drop rate
  • Zezima all
  • more drakes
  • Make a ranged set that is the equalivant of justicar/ancestral and make it have its own raids boss


Add in items

  • Heavy ballista 
  • Salve amulet (ie)
  • Tomb of frost
  • Ancient mace
  • Dark venom
  • More scythes
  • New boots
  • Mage set
  • blood neck (I)
  • hween tbow pet
  • din's bhuark
  • ring of wealth(I) coded to pick up money/blood money
  • completionist cape picks up arrows



  • Kill challenge
  • Voting
  • Login rewards
  • refer a friend


NPC drops

  • Skotizo
  • Kurask
  • Nazapool
  • wildy boss's
  • frosts drop 10x bones (tomb of frost new item will note dragon bone drops)


NPC shops

  • Nex items lowered to 1500-2000 boss points
  • Mining shop sells both adamant and rune bars price is based on the sell price of the item to general store + 25%



  • Anguish/torture > Bloodneck
  • steads etc
  • prims etc
  • dragonfire-shield
  • hancannon
  • magma
  • byro
  • lime whips
  • party hats/santa's


  • 3rd age stuff and other high valued items well-able
  • make Tekton drop god bows 1/700, all 3 bows creates the third age bow
  • AFK zone
  • change zez rate of whips/vines/limes
  • change zez rate of byro crystal
  • change zez rate for mbox


  • attack reset bug
  • BH target teleport smuggle
  • dark twisted bow ID
  • alignments on buy 'x' on shops
  • render issue on full screen when zooming out
  • ;;bank in ::bg jail
  • phase 3 verzik vitur will freeze if players line up or use safe spot where pillars breaks (it also smacks through pray when more than +1 player )
  • fix certain upgrade items  
  • tab reply to higher prestige's 
  • olm poison layers on top building up a bigger damage per sec that you stand out in rather than just having one layer of poison you can end up standing on 5+ poison layers in one click and can almost insta kill anybody 
  • look into armor when female gfx fix
  • log out with goody bags in invent means lose them


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Good stuff. Looking into it now

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Posted (edited)

Make comp cape pick up arrows.


Edited by Tikkker

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Posted (edited)
Just now, Tikkker said:

Make comp bow pick up arrows.


The cape we really should do this just need vork head + ava’s + 500m or the upgraded ava’s 

Edited by Mr Matty

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1 minute ago, Mr Matty said:

The cape we really should do this just need vork head + ava’s + 500m

Meant cape yea. But comp is hardest to get and still shit compared others. Other cape gives drop rate and picks arrows...maybe something more.

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