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Game Update 18/06/2020

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Added Dinh's Bulwark


Added Eden boss

Available in donator zone (::dzone) and in New bosses (brutal dragons + stone guardians)



Added Kratonite Melee Armour


Added Raids Cape


Added Verzik's Cape


Added Bathus, Marmaros, Kratonite Kiteshields


OLM + TOB Crystals

  • Added Verzik’s crystal shard
  • Added Great Olm’s crystal
  • Added Normal rock drop announcement
  • Admins can now force tree and force star to spawn
  • Fixed a bug where you could tele to your target outside wilderness with BH teletab
  • Reduced the amount of sharks given from pure pk sets 300 > 50
  • Fixed an error where Zamorak boss in Boss gauntlet only had 300 hp
  • Added command for admins to reset boss gauntlet when bugged
  • Wildywyrm now drops 25-50m gold
  • Galvek now drops 50-500m gold
  • TOB raids now give up to 25m gold per round
  • Prestige > 10+ now gives 30% exp, 15+ gives 35%, 20+ gives 40%, 25+ gives 45%, 28+ gives 50% bonus exp.
  • Prestige exp over 10 have now been adjusted
  • Fixed a bug where marmaros/bathus/novite armour gave ranged and magic bonuses
  • All boss capes now save arrows like ava’s assembler
  • Infernal cape + ANY Boss cape + Upgrade scroll + 2 crystals to make Raids cape
  • Buffed drop rate for Grey scrolls - Wilderness bosses
  • Babydragon bones now sell for 35k each
  • Frost dragon bones now sell for 100k each 
  • Closing the client will no longer open the arrav website
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This is filthy! I'm so excited to get this raid cape, guess it's an all-nighter tonight!

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Update lookin great! Cant wait to grind 

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Looks great! Thanks for the update Willus!

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Yay no more site popping up

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Excellent work willus , ill make a thread regarding the Xp needed for 10-30.

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