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Game Update 27/06/2020

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Added Fractite armour 


Added Zephyrium armour


Added Dream Mystery Box

obtainable from Donator store for 55 dpoints


Added Jelly to New boss teleport

Jelly drops noted clay used to create Sacred Clay Ranged Armour


Revamped Ultimate mystery box
Ultimate mystery boxes no longer gives bad loot


Added Heroes back to ::home2 


Added Sacred Clay Ranged armour
Use an upgrade scroll + pernix piece + 450-750 clay to upgrade each piece
You lose all clay + Upgrade scroll if failed


Sky blue/Lime/Lemon whip (i)

Now upgradable using Zezima NPC 1/10 chance

Speed is a lot faster than regular ones 


Updated well dialogue


All Nex minions now have a chance to drop nex pieces

- Lime/Lemon/Sky blue whips buffed spec - 185% damage + 175% accuracy
- Adjusted trivia questions/answers
- Boss gauntlet minigame now only has 5 waves
- Large rock is no longer tradeable
- Added Up/Grade/Grey scrolls to Tekton as medium drops
- Buffed Tekton boss drop table
- Buffed Full sagittarian set
- Row now picks up coins/blood money automatically
- Row (I) now gives 10% bonus drop rate
- All Nex minions now have a chance to drop nex pieces
- All Nex minions drop 500k gold every time
- Buffed all mystery boxes
- Shenron now switches victim
- Rebalanced melee sets


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