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Game Update 18/07/2020

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Focusing on revamping what we have before we add more content

- Fixed Presets
- Removed delay from opening effigies
- Fixed a bug with wishing well
- Buffed Tekton drops
- Medium drops for tekton drops are now announced
- Tekton now drops 50-150m cash
- Buffed all group boss drops
- Nerfed Bryophyta's staff in wilderness
- Sky blue vitur now has same stats as Dark scythe of vitur
- Sky blue whip (i) is now an overpowered weapon
- Buffed Halloween Twisted bow damage
- Wildywyrm now drops 25-100m
- Re-evaluated Mystery box upgrade success rates
- Buffed upgrade success rates for zezima
- Pest control has now been buffed to give 1-15m gold per round
- Edited pest control rewards screen
- There's now a 10-25% chance to get a mystery box every round from pest control
- Upgrade scroll + Daconia rock is now available at pest control shop for 3500 pc points
- Removed Korasi reward from Pest control
- Added a 30 second delay to ::bgenter command
- Buffed success rate of using the orb to unjail players at Boss Gauntlet
- Added a lot of good drops to unused bosses
- Added grey scrolls to most bosses with buffed drop rates
- Novite/Bathus/Marmaros/Kratonite kiteshields can no longer be taken into the wilderness
- Buffed kiteshields slightly
- Buffed Stone key chest 
    - All supplies amount
    - Added Grey/Up/Grade/Upgrade Scrolls + Daconia rock
    - Added 750m and 500m gold rewards
- Made Bathus easier to upgrade - ::thread 327
- Removed Christmas cracker + Halloween cracker - Rares are now discontinued - Donations only now
- Buffed Justiciar set bonus damage by 5%
- Nerfed Novite set bonus
- Buffed other armour set bonuses

- Added grade + up scroll to slayer shop
- Revamped slayer shop 

Wishing well major update
- Major changes:
- Skilling pets well for 250-1500m each 
- Rarer boss pets go from 200m-1000m each
- All rev pieces well for 35-150m each piece
- Emerald rapier 200-500m
- Boss capes 500-1000m 
- Many more

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This update is exactly what we were looking for! Thank you Will! 

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