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Game Update 20/07/2020

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- Added Argonite, Katagon, Gorgonite melee armour sets
- Added Dark Venom blowpipe 
     - Zezima upgrade 1/11 chance
- Added Blue Twisted bow 
     - Upgrade from Halloween Twisted bow
     - Halloween Twisted bow + Regular twisted bow + 2 upgrade scrolls + 2 dac rock
     - If failed, you lose 2 upgrade scrolls + regular twisted bow
- Up and grade scrolls are now 500 slayer points each
- Daconia rock + Upgrade scrolls are now 10k pc points instead of 3.5k
- Altered boss points store
- Added more items to trivia point store
- Added Drakes + Stone guardians + Edens to uber zone
- Added grey scroll to derwen drop table
- Buffed Ancestral armour set magic bonus
- Buffed Sacred clay magic armour set magic bonus
- Buffed Sang staff
- Buffed Bryophyta's staff (i)
- Buffed Ultimate Mystery box
- Buffed Super mystery box rewards
- Buffed chance to get from 7% to 15%
- Buffed Dream mystery box rewards
- Added Vig mace 
- Diamond demons + Greater abyssal demons now give boss points
- Buffed Stardust and evil kindlings value from 30k > 75k
- TOB now gives 10-50m cash reward
- Buffed vote scrolls - You now get 1-100m cash per scroll
- Revamped Dungeoneering shop
- Fixed a bug where you would lose money if the items value welled over 2.147b
- Added Novite armour pieces to dungeoneering Store
Wishing well
- Buffed prices of a lot of items
- Fixed trickster body and robe bottom
- Added twisted bird skull necklace for 500-1250m
- Added abyssal/kbd/kq heads for 150-400m
- Added godsword blade 50-200m
- Fixed a bug where you couldn't well Heron

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