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Game Update 24/07/2020

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- Added Promethium melee armour
- Added Sacred clay upgraded ranged armour
- Fixed name of Dark venom blowpipe
- Fixed welling over 2.147b
- Reverted Presets until fixed
- Added 1b scroll + 1b coins drop to Hydra drop table
- Added Up + Grade scroll to Corporeal beast drop table
- Added Corporeal beast to Uber zone
- Added Weapon spec to Lime/sky blue/lemon (i) - Does up to 285% damage with 175% accuracy
- Added equip animation to Lime/sky blue/lemon (i) 
- Added Clay Mining rocks to donator zone - Next to runite ores
- Added +35 ranged attack bonus to Infernal Max Cape
- Fixed a bug where kbd heads couldn't be welled. Wells for 150-750m
- Diamond demon now has 1.5b, 750m, 250m coin drops added to drop table + Other added on - Super donators + only

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