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Game updates 14/08/2020

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- Added new Emerald Token Store 
- All monsters have a chance to drop emerald tokens - similar to clue scrolls and caskets

- Buffed all melee sets
- Melee sets are now separated into two
    - Helm + Body + legs
    - Gloves + boots
- The two sets give different bonuses

- Fixed Sacred Clay armour upgrades
- Fixed a bug where sacred clay + sacred upgrade armour upgrades clashed
- Use 1000 soft clay(Noted) + 1000 clay(Noted) + 2 upgrade scrolls to upgrade sacred clay pieces to upgraded pieces 
    - if failed, lose 500 each clay and 1 upgrade scrolls

- Golems have now replaced Jelly's for clay drops  
- Golems can be found in the 'New Bosses' Teleport (Changed location due to the original one being a multi-zone)
- Golems drop 2 clay (unnoted) 100%
- Golems drop table also contains 5/10/50/100/200/250/500 (noted) clay drops + Mystery box

- Fixed a bug where Kalphite Queen would respawn multiple times
- Fixed Magic MAX hit damage cap
- Nerfed rate of getting Old keys from Heroes
- Buffed Gold bags - 10% chance for 250-500m | 5% chance for 500m-1b | 2.5% chance for 1-2b | 87.5 chance for 50-100m
- Buffed Goodie bags - Now gives way better drops + coins up to 2b - removed dung points + vote points
- Buffed ring of wealth (i) drop rate to 11%
- Added ranged bonus attack damage to Raid's cape
- Buffed Sky blue scythe
- Buffed Blue Twisted bow
- Buffed Dark Venom Blowpipe
- Buffed Creed's Godcrossbow


New bosses and weapons/armour coming tomorrow!

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